Heart Treatments

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Heart Treatments

Heart attacks are mainly caused due to blockages in the arteries. The blockage can build up over time and affect the flow of blood to the heart, and can thus lead to heart attacks. Heart diseases are treated by surgery, medication and a range of othermedical procedures. The major causes of heart diseases are related to the age, genetic disorders, and improper personal habits of the person. Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and excessive drinking are some of the common causes of heart diseases.

 Heart diseases can be cured by a number of treatments. Some of the important heart treatments are as follows:


 Cardiac ablation is a treatment that is done to cureirregular heart rhythm (or arrhythmias). This heart treatment procedure involves the use of long tubes that are inserted in a vein in the groin and connected to the heart.Sometimes, this treatment is performed through open-heart surgery. Click here to read more…


 This treatment is performed to restore the normal rhythm of an irregular heartbeat. Irregular heartbeats can cause cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart attack.

During Cardioversion, electrodes are placed on the patient’s chest and electric signals are passed through it.

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 Coronary angioplasty and stents

 This process is performed to clear clogged arteries. A tiny balloon is used to blow the artery and widen it, thereby causing the opening of clogged arteries. Clearing of blocked arteries can save the patient from shortness of breath and heart attacks.

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 Coronary bypass surgery

 Coronary bypass surgery is performed on a person only when all other medications, lifestyle changes, and treatments have failed to produce results. The main objective of the surgery is to create a new path for the smooth flow of blood to the heart. In this process, a healthy vein or artery from the patient’s leg or chest is removed and attached to his/her coronary artery. The results of Coronary bypass surgery have been excellent for most patients. However, some might need more than one bypass surgery.

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 Heart transplant

 Heart transplantation is the process of removal of an unhealthy heart and replacing it with a healthier one, which is often the donor’s heart (donated immediately after death). This treatment is the final ray of hope for people who didn’t find success with the other heart treatment procedures. The reasons for the heart failure can be a viral infection, damaged heart muscles or valves, or coronary heart diseases. Click here to read more…


 Pacemakers are small battery-operated devices that are placed in the heart by open-heart surgery. The tiny devices perform the vital function of sending electrical pulses, without which the heart wouldn’t beat regularly.A pacemaker weighs about 20-50 grams.

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 Statins are the drugs that are used to lower the cholesterol level in the body. Excessive cholesterol in the blood can stick along the artery walls and thus lead to blockage of the arteries. Statins help reduce the bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in your body. And they can considerably slow down plaque formation in the arteries. Click here to read more…

 Valve heart surgery

 This type of heart surgery is performed to either replace or repair the damaged valves that carry blood to the different chambers in the heart. Proper functioning of the heart valves enables smooth flow of blood to (and from)the heart. Click here to read more…

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