Heart Diseases and Their Treatment

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Today our life has become very stressful which has given rise to a number of heart diseases. Heart disease has become very common and accounts for majority of deaths in the country. Both men and women are affected by this life threatening condition and therefore should know about the symptoms and diagnosis of heart diseases. In this article we will talk about some of the common heart diseases and their treatment procedures.heart treatment

  1. Atherosclerosis or Blocked heart arteries

Atherosclerosis refers to hardening and narrowing of arteries which leads to blocked arteries restricting the blood flow. It is one of the major cause of heart attacks, strokes and peripheral vascular disease . These are together known as cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis occurs when smoking, high blood pressure or high cholestrol damage the endothelium. It does not show any symptom unless blood flow to a part of the body is slowed down or blocked. The common symptoms are shortness of breaht and chest pain. Atherosclerosis can be treated through two different procedures:

 a) Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) is performed to treat narrowed coronary artery. In this procedure, grafts or healthy blood vessels are taken from arms, legs and chest to create a bypass. Generally, coronary artery bypass surgery is done to relieve pain instead of prolonging life. CABG is considered when the blockage cannot be opened using angioplasty or when the blockage re-occurs after angioplasty.

 b) Coronary angioplasty is a surgery performed to open narrow or blocked heart arteries. It is done to restore blood flow to the heart muscle. In this surgery, a thin catheter with a balloon is inserted through a vein to the blocked artery. Then the balloon is inflated to put pressure against the artery wall. Coronary angioplasty is performed to improve the symptoms of angina and prevent further damage to the heart caused by heart attack.

  1. Heart valve disease

Heart valve disease may lead to a condition when the valves fail to open completely to allow blood to flow freely. Or the vice-versa is also possible I.e valves do not close properly and blood leaks between the chambers. This causes heart to put in more effort to pump blood and may cause heart attack. Heart valve surgery may be suggested to replace or repair the diseased valves. The traditional heart valve surgery requires the surgeon to make an incision on the breastbone to reach out to your heart.While in minimal invasive surgery, only small incisions are made. Depending on the condition of your mitral valve, surgeon will recommend which procedure is to be performed – heart valve repair or replacement.

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