Different ways to Prevent and Treat Heart Diseases

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Heart disease have become very common these days and is an umbrella term used for various diseases which affect the functioning of heart. It is infact one of the major reasons of death nowadays. Therefore , it is crucial to get an insight to different ways to prevent and treat heart disease.

As per experts, prevention of heart disease is promising. Despite of the fact that some risk factors like enetics, sex and age of a person cannot be controlled, one can still make changes in lifestyle and dietery changes that can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

One of the best methods to prevent heart disease is controlling the blood pressure and maintaining a low LDL cholesterol level. This can be achieved by adopting different ways to lower blood pressure one of which is making suitable changes in diet and taking prescribed medicines if recommended by the physician.  Another way is to control obesity in children and make efforts to take healthy diet full of nutrition. Regular exercising is also a good way of reducing the risk of heart disease. Experts recommend atleast one hour of exercise per day. Some people find exercising a daunting task so resort to other habits as walking to work which is equally beneficial. Walking perhaps is the cheapest, easiest and healthiest exercise that one can resort to for a healthy life.

However, if you already have heart disease then you may have to undergo some types of heart treatment. There are different types of heart treatment options available nowadays. Medical treatment is one of them and is generally started even before the exact problem is diagnosed.

Medical treatment may involve oxygen through a face mask, oxygen from a tube in the nose, pain medicines, nitroglycerine under the tongue and aspirin. Some clot dissolving medicines are also available which are generally given to open the blocked artery. Cellular therapy is also one of the potential treatments for heart disease.

Surgical treatment is considered when other medications fail and condition of the patient worsens radically. In some cases, surgery is the only treatment left to solve the problem and offer good health to the patient. Some of the common heart surgeries are coronary artery bypass surgery, coronary angioplasty, heart valve surgery, pacemakers, statins, ablation, cardioversion and heart transplant. These surgeries can be done through traditional methods as well as minimally invasive approach which involves making small incision.
One can get more information on prevention and treatment of heart diseases through various sources available online. The most important thing is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, take nutritious diet and exercise regularly.

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