Different types of heart procedures

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Heart disease is an umbrella term used to refer a number of heart diseases which affects the heart in some or the other way. It is life threatening for many people and needs to be treated immediately.With the advancement of technology, there are various treatments available to solve heart problems. Some of the common heart treatments and the disease for which they are performed are explained below:

 Coronary angioplasty

Coronary angioplasty is a common procedure to treat a condition known as Coronary Artery Disease. In this procedure a small deflated balloon is inserted through a tube into a blocked artery. The balloon is then inflated to widen the vessel and increase the blood flow to the heart muscle. During this procedure, surgeons generally implant a stent which is a wire mesh tube to keep the blood vessels open.

 Heart valve surgery

Heart valve disease can cause heart valves not to close completely or not to open as they should to allow blood flow freely. This causes blood to leak between the heart chambers when it should not. Heart valve disease may cause the heart to work harder and can lead to heart attack. In such situations, your cardialogist may recommend you heart valve surgery. Heart valve surgery may include valve replacement or valve repair. Generally there are 3 types of heart repair surgeries performed to treat heart valve defects – structural repair, valve leaflet repair and annuloplasty.

 Heart valve replacement is considered when heart valve cannot be repaired.

 Heart TransplantHeart_transplant

 A heart transplant is a procedure undertaken when all other treatments have failed leading to an end stage heart failure. In many cases, a heart transplant is considered to treat end stage coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease and congenital heart defects.A heart transplant involves high risk so should be discussed in detailed with an experienced cardiac surgeon before deciding on it.

 First heart transplant was performed by a South African cardiac surgeon, Dr. Christiaan Neethling Barnard. This was the first successful human-to-human heart transplant.

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