Different Heart Conditions and Their Treatment

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Heart is an important organ of our body. It is a muscle that constantly pumps oxygen, blood and other important nutrients to different parts of the body. Any defect in this pumping machine can cause harm to other parts of the body like kidneys and brain.

Few Symptoms of Heart Disease

There are various signs and symptoms shown by our body when heart is not working properly.

Chest pain or angina is one of the most common symptoms of heart disease. It is characterized by a fullness or heaviness in the chest region. Though this type of pain or squeezing sensation mostly occurs in the chest, it might also be experienced in the neck, back or jaws.
Shortness of breath, uneven heart beat and sweating are also symptoms of heart problem.
Heart palpitations and nausea.

While these symptoms can occur due to other health conditions also, one should never ignore them. Get these symptoms thoroughly checked by the physician in order to ensure that you do not acquire heart disease unknowingly.

Sometimes these symptoms could be a sign of heart attack which needs immediate address. Early symptoms and diagnosis of heart attack prevents heart failure and death.

Various treatment options for heart diseases

Bypass surgery – This type of treatment is adopted when the arteries are blocked. The surgery is done and a stent is put bypass the blocked artery and provide alternate way for the oxygen and blood to flow.

Pacemakers – Pacemakers are placed in the chest or abdominal region to treat irregular heart rhythm. The condition in which the rate of rhythm of heartbeat becomes abnormal is called arrhythmias.

Angioplasty – Angioplasty is generally performed to treat coronary heart disorder. In this procedure, the plaques blocking the arteries are blown away with the help of inflated balloon.

Medicines – Blood thinners are generally given to heart patients as they can help the blood to flow normally even through clogged arteries.

Changes in lifestyle are the most effective ways to prevent heart diseases. A healthy lifestyle comprising of regular exercise and taking nutritious diet goes long way in treating heart problems.

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