Diffeent Types of Heart Treatment Methods

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Heart is an important organ of the body which should be in a healthy condition for a normal life. If the heart starts working abnormally then it may be that a person is suffering from some type of heart disease. There are diferent heart diseases which includes hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart failure, non-functioning of heart valves, congenital defects, cardiomyopathy, heart infection and conduction disorders of heart.

Let us know some of the heart treatment methods and the conditions when they are performed.

Cardioversion – Cardioversion is a procedure conducted to treat arrhythmic heart beat. It is a non invasive procedure and is performed by putting electrodes on the patient’s chest. Electrical shocks are given through the electrodes to the heart to restore the heart’s rhythm. The electrical shocks are beneficial because doctors can instantly assess how effective it is on the patient. Cardioversion is performed to treat the patient’s heart beat rate.

Statins – Statins are drugs that are given to patients with high levels of cholestrol in their blood. They act on liver to inhibit cholestrol produced by it. Cholesterol adversely affects the functioning of the heart. Statins are popular for brining down LDL cholesterol to normal levels. Sometimes they are given along with other drugs to enhance its effectiveness. However, they do have side effects and should be taken only with doctor’s advice. They will check your blood pressure, lifestyle, family history of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, overall health, smoking habits and how prone you are to diabetes.

Heart Ablation – Heart ablation is a medical procedure to treat heart arrhythmia. There are many reasons that can develop arrhythmia and the major reason is the building up of abnormal tissues in the heart. Arrhythmia is treated by removing abnormal tissues using catheters. These are long flexible tubes that are inserted into the vein in the groin area and attached to the heart to destroy the abnormal tissues.

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