A brief guide to few heart treatment procedures

admin | January 29, 2014 | Ablation,Pacemakers,Statins

Today, life has become too fast paced and stressful resulting in rise in the number of heart diseases. Every year, large number of people die because of heart disease. Coronary cardiac disease is accountable for over fifty percent of the deaths caused by cardiac disease. Both men and women are affected and now even young population is highly prone to life threatening heart diseases.

Though cardiac disease cannot be prevented totally, its severity can be reduced and the age at which it takes place can be postponed significantly. We should also be thankful to the advanced technology that has made possible early detection and treatment of heart diseases. Early symptoms and diagnosis can help to treat heart disease and save life. We are discusssing here some of common heart treatment procedures and the conditions when they are considered.

  1. Statinsstatin-drugs

 Statins are a group of drugs that is given to the patients with high levels of cholestrol in their blood. Statins affect the functioning of liver and reduces production of cholestrol by it. Cholestrol is supposed to negatively impact the functioning of heart. Some of the easily available Statins are Atorvastatin, Simvastatin, Lovastatin, Fluvastatin, etc. Though its primary role is to lower blood cholestrol in the body, they have other benefits as well. Statins act as anti-inflammatory and helps in stabilizing the walls of blood carrying vessels. Thus they are virtually benefitting all the organs that receive blood through vessels including heart. Statins is not suitable for every patient, it has side effects. Doctor will go through patient’s family history of cardiovascular diseases, lifestyle, blood pressure and overall health before prescribing Statins.

  1. PacemakersPacemakers

A Pacemaker is a device used to regulate the heart beat. Many patients who need pacemkaers are usually older or are suffering from some heart disease. It is generally placed in the chest or in the abdominal region to help regulate the irregular heart rythms with the help of electrical pulses to trigger heart to beat at a regular rate.Electrodes are used to generate electrical pulses that contracts the heart muscle. Pacemakers is usedto treat conditions like arrthymia or irregular heart beat, heart muscle damage caused due to heart attack, blocked heart and other medical and genetic conditions that may disturb the heart beat.

  1. AblationAblation

Ablation is a procedure to corrct abnormal heart rhythm or arrhythmia. In this method, catheters or long, flexible tubes are passed through a vein in your groin to reach to your heart in order to treat any structural problems in a heart that can cause arrythmia. Cardiac ablation acts by destroying tiisues in heart that prompts an irregular heart rhythm.

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